What Is A Marriage Retreat and Why Should You Attend One?

What is A Marriage Retreat?

A marriage retreat is a place… a getaway opportunity for you and your spouse to learn skills to actually know how to be married. A destination to relax. It can be a weekend event with national speakers at a large hotel somewhere like the beach, or a fixed location that runs a business as a marriage retreat.

A marriage retreat is also an opportunity to invest in your marriage relationship. Food, clothing, shelter, and transportation are vital investments in your daily life that certainly make a difference, but they are only part of the picture. How does your spouse feel, how are they doing emotionally? How is their heart? We are created as spirit, soul, and body. Spiritual and emotional nurturing are every bit as important and necessary as meeting physical needs. A Christian marriage retreat will offer support in this area. Purposeful, dedicated time away from your normal daily routine is the best way to address this side of life. A marriage retreat is a perfect place to get help with this. 

A marriage retreat is a chance to learn. It’s been said that no instructions come with babies or spouses. But wait, there is hope! A marriage retreat can be a continuing education for the job of marriage. If you’ve been married over six months, you probably have realized this person does not think or do life exactly like you do. But you don’t have to figure it out by yourself; you can learn from the experiences of others that have traveled this road before you. 

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Is A Marriage Retreat a Good Option for You?

Some of the reasons couples attend marriage retreats include reviving your connection, deepening your bond, and learning how to grow personally and as a couple.

If you like meeting new people and you feel comfortable in a group retreat setting, you can register for couples retreats like Love and Respect, or The Art of Marriage. In the atmosphere of Godly love and acceptance, you can explore your feelings, thoughts, needs, and deep dive into your relationship.

However, if you prefer a more private version of couples retreat, then you can experience one-on-one marriage mentoring with Joe and Jane Brown to receive guidance. You can jump-start your mentorship with Longview’s Prepare & Enrich Relationship Survey, to pinpoint strengths and opportunities for growth for you and your spouse.

We take care of our bodies–our teeth, our eyes, ears, skin, and overall health.  We take care of our cars, homes, and children. Your marriage is no different; you need to take care of it too.  Longview’s marriage retreats can help you rejuvenate, reconnect, and restore your personal relationships and connect with God on a deeper level. 

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