Understanding Sin

Sin is anything that comes between God and us: any person, place, attitude, belief, desire, or activity. It includes sins of commission and sins of omission. Satan is behind it all twisting and spinning the truth, tricking us into sin.


I was fooled as a young man. I was sure if I worked hard enough, I could get it all done and provide food, clothing, shelter, and transportation for my family. Which I did, but did not realize how my wife was becoming a single parent because I was never at home. She needed me there. Not as a worker, but as a husband and father; to go through life together and deal with all the stresses that a young family faces. I did not love her as Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25). I eventually figured it out.


Christ is the Key

Jesus is the ONLY way to overcome sin. We can not do enough or be good enough to overcome the attack of the enemy. It is beyond our design or ability. I fought against lust for 25 years. I knew I was saved but did not understand why lust would not go away. Pornography and racial prejudice and a lot of other stuff went away, but not lust.

It finally was revealed to me I was fighting against sin with my flesh. I was trying to be “good enough” through the works of my flesh–my human nature. I knew I was saved by my faith in Jesus, and I would spend eternity in heaven. But, I believed a lie from hell for 25 years that I could overcome lust by denying myself that indulgence. It never worked. I continued to see the pretty girl and have thoughts beyond what I knew were proper.


Trust in Him

During a moment of solitude, I finally got it. I was trusting Jesus for eternity and me for today. That’s wrong! I knew Him as my Savior but not as my Lord, especially for today. I was half-dealing with the sin in my life in my way. I was not trusting Jesus with this. I was picking and choosing how I wanted to be a Christian–and lust would not go away! I was trying to overcome sin with my flesh–by being good enough. It was not working.

By faith, we trust Jesus for eternity. Similarly, Jesus can be trusted to save us and deliver us from the daily attacks of sin we experience. He empowers us to obey the Bible’s commands on how we treat one another and have relationships. To “love one another as I have loved you” when that “other” happens to be someone not very lovely. When we choose not to love the unlovely, that attitude is sin and is coming between God and us. We need to release Jesus and His Power in our lives for today.


Take Up Your Cross

Jesus said in Luke 9:23, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.” Jesus can see the end from the beginning. He knows what flesh is about–He was a man. He knows we need to hear something pretty severe to break the grip sin has on us for today–kill the flesh. Not physically kill yourself, but spiritually, give it up!

If a Roman soldier told you to take up your cross, he meant you were going to die. Jesus carried His cross to His crucifixion. To deal with sin in this world today, we must see ourselves as crucified with Christ (Romans 6:3,6,8) and follow Him (take up your cross daily and follow me). Put Jesus between you and the sin. HE CAN DEAL WITH IT–He has, and He can overcome sin–you haven’t and you can’t. Do this by FAITH in Him; the same faith you are trusting in Him to keep you out of hell at your death. Follow Him today–right now, to deal with the sin in your life!

Hopefully, you knew Christ as Savior and Lord from day one. I did not. It took me 25 years to break the grip from hell that was distorting my life. I fought it well; I never gave into it. But what a waste of time and effort! I should have changed long ago to make disciples and teach them to obey His commands– as He commanded me (Matthew 28:18-20).