Christian Marriage Retreat

Longview’s Christian marriage retreats are a great way to get away with your spouse and strengthen and reinforce your marriage. Marriage retreats can leave couples with a sense of renewal, hope, and peace. During the weekend-long trip, you can learn to love your spouse and marriage, to cherish each other, and discover how to work through even the toughest of life’s lessons by understanding Jesus in ways you never have before and by seeing what a difference Jesus can really make. Most of us don’t really have marriage problems, we have Jesus problems.

Retreats can help relationships at every stage. Retreats can act as pre-marital counseling for new couples, and continue to help couples maintain a healthy spiritual and emotional connection as their relationship matures. And if you ever find yourself in troubled waters in your marriage, attending a marriage retreat can help you navigate the storms that every marriage faces.

If you want more for your marriage than what you currently have, you may be able to strengthen your relationship by registering for a Christian marriage retreat.


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Connect with Your Spouse

Connecting and communicating with your spouse keeps your marriage healthy. No matter where you are in your relationship, Longview’s marriage retreat gives you valuable time to spend together to enrich your relationship, without the world’s distractions and stresses. Reconnecting with your spouse is a necessary and joyful step in growing in your relationship together. A marriage retreat is one way to set aside time to focus on and improve your marriage.

Our marriage retreat is an experience that strengthens you as a couple, while giving you alone time to relax and reconnect with your spouse. Sessions during your marriage retreat can help you reconnect with your spouse and engage with them meaningfully. 

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Learn Valuable Tools

Whether you’ve been married for three months or 30 years, there’s always more to learn about God’s design for marriage and how to improve your relationship. This is a time for you to learn from other married couples, and apply their wisdom and experience to your relationship, so you can be encouraged and renewed. 

During the retreat, you’ll gain tools on communicating clearly, developing trust, and restoring peace. Planned activities and private sessions help you learn tools to build a happy, secure, resilient, and godly marriage. You will also leave the retreat with hands-on tips, strategies, and knowledge to help you move forward positively in your marriage.

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Recenter Your Relationship

The ultimate goal of marriage is to glorify God. Marriage is, essentially, a picture of God’s love for His people – Christ as the groom and the Church as His bride. So, we are meant to reflect that picture of love and unity in our relationships with our spouses. Often, we forget that purpose. And while God does intend for marriage to bring us fulfillment and joy, He desires even more that it would bring us closer to Him. 

A Christian marriage retreat helps couples who want a closer walk with their spouse – and with God. The time is meant to point us back to God’s will for our marriages and rediscover Him as our foundation. And when we fix our eyes on Him, everything else in our lives will fall into place.

Our Upcoming Retreats

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The Art of Marriage

This retreat is for married couples who want to get away from the hustle of daily life and rejuvenate, reconnect, and restore their relationship with their spouse and connect with God on a deeper level.

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Love and Respect

Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs is a unique approach to the differences between men and women. God-given differences in thinking, speaking, reacting, and behaviors can create unnecessary strain in your marriage.