Why Your Marriage Needs A Weekend Get Away

Do you remember your honeymoon? It may have been at a beach or the mountains. You might have eaten delicious food or seen some new things. Most importantly, you spent a lot of quality time with your spouse. It was great, wasn’t it?

It’s easy to overlook the need for more “honeymoons” and getaways after the marriage begins. Couples are constantly rushing to the next place, working long hours, and making weekend plans with friends. 

Our Need To Get Away

Work, chores, routines, social life, kids, and everything else that sucks up our time, and we can end up without good, quality time together. 

And even our relaxation time is not quality time for our marriages. When we sit in front of the TV or spend time browsing online, we aren’t fully present with our spouse. If we’re not careful, time can fly by without us doing anything meaningful or memorable together. 

One of the greatest needs for married couples is unhurried time together. And it’s incredible how many couples go for years without ever getting away from their everyday worries and cares.

Longview Retreat hears this problem from couples attending our marriage retreats. For many couples, the weekend-long retreat is memorable because it creates more time to connect. 

Getting away is essential because it re-centers our relationship and refreshes our hearts. As busy as we are, we need to claim that quality time. We must make it a priority.

Reasons To Get Away


Time To Reflect

Getting away gives you space to pause and reflect on your marriage. If you can intentionally talk about your marriage relationship and reflect on the past, you will walk away with a stronger marriage. Reflecting on your marriage will also help you appreciate your spouse more.

Strengthen Your Relationship

Whether you are going to a marriage retreat or just sitting on the beach for a few days, spending time together will strengthen your relationship.

Ask your spouse how you can love them better. If you have kids, ask for specific ways to help at home more. If you feel you are in a dry spot in your marriage, find out how you can create more romance. By the end of the trip, you can have some actionable things that you can do to bless your spouse at home.

Have Fun Together

I hope your spouse is more than just your lover or roommate. I pray that your spouse is your friend and your life partner. Getting away for a weekend gives you time to have fun and deepen your friendship. Having fun together will connect you and strengthen the friendship between you and your spouse.

Inspire You For The Future

Spouses who dream together and plan together can walk confidently into the future together. There might be goals you have for the next season of your marriage. There might be significant life changes, like a move or the decision to have kids, that need to be discussed. Taking time to pray and dream together is the best place to start these discussions.

Here are a few quick ideas for getting away together:

Take a road trip: Pack an overnight bag, pick a spot on the map at least 100 miles away and go! See what unfolds, and make sure to talk along the way.

Marriage retreat: Give yourself the gift of a weekend where you can slow your pace, unplug, and focus on each other. You’ll restore your relationships and connect with God on a deeper level.

Camping: If you’re outdoorsy people, try to find a place you’ve never been to before. See something new and breathe some fresh air together!

Trains: Extend your travel range with a cheap ticket. Keep it spontaneous! You don’t need to know where you’re going to stay or what you’re doing. Just go and figure it out on the fly.

Please keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to get away with your spouse. Some couples prefer mountains or beaches; others prefer visiting a new restaurant. The key is finding an easy way to reconnect with your spouse, with the core intention of being close and building a healthy marriage.

Strong marriages don’t just happen. They are built and worked on over time. Spouses who dream, laugh, seek, and reflect together have a strong foundation for the future.