Advice for Christian Families During COVID-19

Every household has felt some level of disruption as workers are sent home, the school year ends, or distance learning is set up, and all are encouraged, if not mandated, to stay inside. Countless others face the loss of jobs, shelter, or mental or physical health.

Marriages are being tested as they bear the weight of so much change in one fell swoop. So, now most of us are at home every day trying to find our new normal. 

The kids are here, the grandkids may be here, (I’m now teaching the 3rd grade to my grandchildren), and our spouse is ALWAYS here. Nobody is GOING anywhere much at all. And some are struggling with this. 

There is fear and uncertainty. People are unemployed, businesses are closed or operating as a shell of their pre-corona days, government regulations are changing every few days, and we don’t know when and how this will end.  

Sin & Brokenness

man deep in thought

We live in a broken world. We have ever since Adam and Eve believed a lie from Hell and made a terrible decision that was directly opposite of what God had told them (Genesis 3:3). COVID-19 is part of this brokenness. So are sin, death, and human suffering. This is a result of the brokenness of the world, but God uses it to draw us to Him.  

There Is Hope

But, praise God, we are not at the mercy of this world (unless we choose to be). God has given us Jesus! When we choose Jesus for eternity and also for today, COVID does not shake us to our core. 

We can live in this world and not be of this world. The worst that can happen is that we die, or a loved one will die. Yes, that event will have an impact on us; we will miss them, but if that loved one is a Christ-follower, they will be with Jesus in heaven, and there is no better place! 

cross on a hill at sunset

And we know and believe the key to going forward is to keep our focus on Christ. Peter walked on water toward Jesus until he turned and looked at the storm (Matthew 14:29-30). We can rest in the arms of Jesus, knowing we are His and come what may. He will take us through it.

Romans 8:28 tells us, “…we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him…”

It’s our choice. God has provided the way to live in this crazy world with a global pandemic and be at peace. His peace and it’s our choice. “Know Jesus, know peace … no Jesus, no peace”– anonymous

God has given us His Holy Spirit. We are not left in this world alone, to fend for ourselves. The best way to connect with the Holy Spirit is to be still and quiet, listen for Him. Create space in your life, time in your life, for Him to be heard. This can be a challenge if COVID now has your house in chaos, but maybe there are only two of you. Either way, go for a walk or sit somewhere and be still; turn off all your devices and LISTEN.

Our Response

A couple may find themselves in a hard place with the restrictions of this pandemic. Especially if they were not getting along, and their daily routines provided needed space between them. Those routines have been seriously curtailed, and now this couple has way more time together than they are comfortable with. 

Now is a chance to pray. Seek Father, Son, and Holy Spirit like never before. Ask Jesus to meet you in your storm; in effect, to let you walk on water. When we can receive His love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness for ourselves, we are then able to extend it to our spouse.

Fear is a natural response to what is unknown. It can protect you from harm, or it can cause you to hurt yourself. Instead of relying on ourselves, we need to turn to God for support and encouragement.

We need intentionality and care to persevere in joy, as the Bible teaches us to do during trials (James 1:2-4).

couple reading the bible

Whatever your family situation, there is an opportunity to find grace during this crisis. We can use this time as an invitation to focus on our relationships and build a stronger faith.

3 Ways To Use This Time

1. Pray Together

  • Set aside time to pray with your spouse
  • Pray with your children, and teach them how to pray

2. Build and Strengthen Your Relationships

  • Consider using the extra time to enrich your marriage
  • Practice communication skills with your spouse

3. Have Fun Together

  • Do something fun as a family – cook a meal together, play games, or take a walk. 
  • Take photos and start a family photo album. Organize your photos and plan some home videos.


While newspaper headlines and community panic compete for our attention, as Christians first and foremost, we find peace in the Lord and act according to His instruction.