6 Things to Expect from a Marriage Retreat

1. A Peaceful Getaway

longview farm

We are a getaway, literally. We are in the northeastern part of North Carolina east of I-95 and north of US 64, about 100 miles from Nags Head. An area known to be rural, agricultural, and a great place for hunting and fishing! We are “away” from the Triangle, the Piedmont Triad, and the Metrolina. Richmond and Norfolk and Greenville are at a distance too. There are more traffic lights in Raleigh than people in Northampton County.

We have lots of space which gives you the perfect space for peace and quiet. We also have no traffic jams, though you may have to negotiate a cotton picker or tractor occasionally.

When the clouds are right, you can hear trucks on the highway, but you never see them when you are at Longview Retreat. Miles of farm roads and trails in the woods allow endless opportunities for walking, running, or puttering around if you want to bring your golf cart. Expect to relax, unplug, and take a break in the natural beauty.

There is something about getting away from our day to day responsibilities that seems to help when we need to talk about things that are not directly related to our day to day schedules.

If you feel out of touch or disconnected from your spouse or your marriage is not what you want it to be, come to the Genesis House sometime and purposefully talk about it. If you need help with this, Jane and I are onsite and willing to sit with you and help work through things.

2. Christian Messages

bible and a journal

You can expect Jesus at Longview Retreat… Or at least His teachings. We will express ourselves from a conservative Biblical viewpoint. And the love of our Father God will be in all we say.

Sin, in one form or another, is at the root of all our problems. Jesus is the only way to overcome sin. When we know Him as our Lord and Savior, we come under His covering, and our ability to resist sin changes dramatically.  

Jane and I have been married for over 40 years. I was saved when I was 35, and she was 41. So, we have done marriage with and without Jesus. It’s much better with Jesus.  

The power that brought Him from the grave is available to Christians through the Holy Spirit, and it makes it possible for us to love and respect our spouses when we may not always feel like it. 

Mercy, grace, and forgiveness are also hallmarks of Christianity. These characteristics have a tremendous positive impact on the marriage relationship. Understanding Jesus as Lord of your life for today allows us to walk in them and embrace them, and be the godly men and women–husbands and wives–that God created us to be. 

We all sin. At Longview, we are not here to be judgemental, nor are we here to condone sin. Regardless of a person’s beliefs, history, or circumstances, even though they may differ from ours, we want you to expect to feel safe coming here. 

3. Hospitality

We very much want you to enjoy your visit to Longview Retreat. Not only do we want to minister to your spirit and soul, but also your body. If you have dietary restrictions, we can accommodate them.

We strive to eat fresh and healthy but do sneak a little sugar along the way. If you are here for a weekend group event, your picnic basket is tailored to your choices. It is not a “boxed lunch.”

Our staff is all volunteer. These saints’ ministry is to serve you. They want your time here to be a blessing as they pray, cook, clean, and serve.

4. Group Sessions and Discussion

group discussion

At Longview, our marriage retreats are conducted in group settings with other couples. This is a chance for you and your spouse to interact with others as a means of broadening your perspective. 

You will enjoy fellowship with other couples who are looking to do exactly what you are: improve your marriage for the long haul. 

So, settle in, enjoy the opportunities to learn from others, and keep an open mind throughout the entirety of this potentially relationship-saving experience.

5. Individual Time To Process

couple reading bible on porch swing

Between sessions, you and your spouse will have the opportunity to revisit what you have learned and to talk more about some of the issues raised.

We believe that a couple can make significant progress just by themselves if they give it a chance. And the beauty of a marriage retreat is being away from the demands of daily life, so you can focus on your marriage. You can delve into your feelings and spend time exploring them.

Having individual time to process together like this will strengthen your bond as a couple.

6. Develop A Toolkit

The possible causes of marital strife are plentiful; however, Christian marriage retreats can give you the tools necessary to develop a successful marriage. During your couples retreat, you will learn useful skills that will help you deepen and strengthen your relationship, boost your intimacy, and constructively resolve your conflicts.

Ultimately, our weekend retreats are meant to help equip you to grow and help your relationship flourish. Our marriage retreats are structured to give you new tools and guide you to make positive changes.

Close up outdoor portrait of black african american couple holding hands

If you’re interested in learning more about building a better relationship, click here to schedule your next visit to Longview!