We are passionate about building and restoring
Christ-centered relationships every day.

Longview Retreat would like to welcome you and your family or organization to restore, connect, and rejuvenate your relationships. We are very excited you are visiting our site.

Longview is a Christian retreat located on 1,000+ acre farm that has been in the same family for over six generations. Our hospitality and culture will help you, your spouse or organizational leaders disconnect from worldly distractions and better connect with our heavenly Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for a place to relax, restore your relationship with your spouse, team, or your heavenly Father, Longview Retreat is the venue for you.

Upcoming Events

Love and Respect

Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs is a Biblical approach to the God-given differences in thinking, speaking, and reacting behaviors between men and women, to strengthen and transform relationships.

The Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage weekend is a Friday night through Saturday afternoon retreat from the daily routine to learn about God’s design for marriage and how to enrich your relationship.

What People Are Saying

What We teach

All too often there is one major issue that stands out in our lives; one that just seems to bring us trouble. Through it all, we may feel shame, fear, anger, pain, or confusion. Perhaps it flares up only in certain circumstances, or perhaps it’s an on-going issue. Restoring The Foundation can help.

Our Issue-Focused ministry format focuses primarily on the major issue that is troubling you. Together, through prayer, we discover how the four sources of our problems work together to ignite and inflame the issue. We will apply foundational truths to each source as we listen to God for counsel and direction.

The ministry session takes approximately three hours. These three hours can profoundly change your life as God sets you free from the root causes of an on-going burden in your life.